279838 Appli Parts dryer Heater Element 279838AP dryer heating element replacement for OEM parts for brands such as Whirlpool Amana Kenmore Maytag and other electric dryers


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279838 Appli Parts dryer Heater Element 279838AP dryer heating element replacement for OEM parts for brands such as Whirlpool Amana Kenmore Maytag and other electric dryers
Use: Heating Element is the source of heat of your electric dryer. Once electrified, will heat up controlled by temperature limit switch and fuse
Multibrand: The heating element replacement replaces original manufacture parts such as Whirlpool kenmore amana maytag and other OEM
Quality: The Non-Original parts we offer as a replacement of the OEM parts are intended to satisfy and exceed quality expectations. The manufacturing process begins with the selection of high grade materials combined with research and development procedures to ensure the durability and performance of each element
Quick Heating: The nickel-chromium coiled wire of the heating element receives and resists a controlled electric dryer current, which is designed to heat up to quickly to provide stable temperature for a faster and more reliable drying cycle. The temperature is controlled by the Thermal Fuse and Thermostats that act as safety features to avoid overheating
Quick Replacement: To complete this repair you will only need a nut driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Remember to disconnect power before servicing the unit

Weight : 2.3 LBR
Volume : 0.29 FTQ
Model : 279838AP
UPC-EAN : 850022065255

Appli Parts Heater 279838AP

This item will replace various brands and models including but not limited to:

Fits: 110.6002201, 110.601251, 110.6012511, 110.6020299, 110.6021299, 110.6022251, 110.605229, 110.6060299, 110.6061299, 110.606211, 110.6062299, 110.6070299, 110.6071299, 110.607201, 110.6072011, 110.6072299, 110.6072499, 110.6072799, 110.6080299, 110.6081299, 110.6081499, 110.6081799, 110.6083299, 110.6084299, 110.6085299, 110.6085499, 110.6085799, 110.6088299, 110.6088499, 110.6088799, 110.6120201, 110.6125201, 110.6126231, 110.6140231, 110.61802, 110.61804, 110.61812, 110.61814, 110.619231, 110.6192311, 110.6210231, 110.622021, 110.622121, 110.6233251, 110.6234251, 110.625121, 110.625141, 110.626021, 110.626121, 110.626221, 110.627021, 110.627121, 110.627221, 110.627241, 110.628021, 110.628121, 110.628221, 110.628241, 110.628321, 110.628421, 110.628521, 110.628541, 110.628721, 110.628821, 110.628841, 110.628861, 110.631021, 110.631121, 110.641023, 110.641122, 110.642022, 110.642122, 110.646023, 110.646122, 110.646223, 110.646323, 110.646424, 110.646524, 110.646724, 110.647122, 110.647224, 110.647324, 110.647424, 110.648122, 110.648324, 110.648424, 110.648524, 110.648544, 110.649022, 110.649122, 110.649222, 110.649242, 110.649322, 110.6510231, 110.6513241, 110.6520231, 110.6521261, 110.6523261, 110.6610169, 110.661025, 110.661125, 110.6613241, 110.6613461, 110.6651269, 110.6651469, 110.665225, 110.665245, 110.6661169, 110.6661269, 110.666425, 110.666525, 110.666625, 110.6670269, 110.6671269, 110.6672269, 110.667325, 110.667425, 110.667525, 110.6680169, 110.6680869, 110.6681269, 110.6681469, 110.6682269, 110.6682469, 110.668325, 110.668425, 110.6685269, 110.6685469, 110.668625, 110.668645, 110.668725, 110.6713241, 110.673226, 110.673326, 110.673427, 110.674026, 110.674226, 110.674326, 110.674426, 110.675226, 110.675326, 110.675426, 110.676226, 110.676326, 110.676426, 110.676526, 110.676546, 110.6773279, 110.6783279, 110.6783479, 110.6820279, 110.683227, 110.683327, 110.684027, 110.684227, 110.684327, 110.684427, 110.685227, 110.685327, 110.686227, 110.686327, 110.686527, 110.6870289, 110.6871289, 110.6910199, 110.6920299, 110.694228, 110.694328, 110.695228, 110.695328, 110.696228, 110.696328, 110.696528, 110.6981299, 110.963742, 110.9637421, 110.9651012, 110.9651112, 110.965122, 110.9651221, 110.9652012, 110.9652912, 110.9652913, 110.9652982, 110.9652983, 110.965301, 110.9653011, 110.9655012, 110.9655122, 110.9655123, 110.9656012, 110.965602, 110.9656021, 110.9656082, 110.9656112, 110.9656122, 110.9656123, 110.9656142, 110.9656143, 110.9656182, 110.965622, 110.9656312, 110.9656382, 110.9656412, 110.9656422, 110.9656442, 110.9656482, 110.9656511, 110.9656512, 110.9656521, 110.9656522, 110.965662, 110.9656621, 110.965664, 110.9656641, 110.9657212, 110.9657213, 110.9657282, 110.9657283, 110.9657312, 110.9657322, 110.9657323, 110.9657382, 110.9657412, 110.9657482, 110.965751, 110.9657511, 110.965752, 110.9657581, 110.965762, 110.9657621, 110.965764, 110.9657641, 110.9657722, 110.9657723, 110.9657742, 110.9657743, 110.9657812, 110.9657882, 110.9658012, 110.9658062, 110.9658082, 110.9658112, 110.9658122, 110.9658182, 110.9658212, 110.9658282, 110.9658512, 110.965852, 110.9658521, 110.965854, 110.9658541, 110.9658582, 110.965862, 110.9658621, 110.965864, 110.9658641, 110.9658721, 110.9658741, 110.C60122511, 110.C60222511, 110.C60242511, 110.C62332511, 110.C62442511, 110.C65132411, 110.C66132411, 110.C67132411, 1CWED5100VQ0, 1CWED5100VQ1, 1CWED5200VQ0, 1CWED5200VQ1, 1CWED5300VW0, 1CWED5700VW0, 3DWED4800YQ0, 3DWED4800YQ1, 3DWED4900YW0, 3DWED4900YW1, 3ZAED4475TQ0, 3ZMED5705TW0, 3ZMED5705TW1, 48432, 4GAED4900YW2, 4GMEDC100YQ0, 4GMEDC100YQ1, 4GMEDC100YQ2, 4GMEDC300YW0, 4GMEDC300YW1, 4GMEDC300YW2, 4GNED4400YQ0, 4GNED4400YQ1, 4GNED4400YQ2, 4GNED4600YQ0, 4GNED4600YQ1, 4GNED4600YQ2, 4GWED4750YQ0, 4GWED4750YQ1, 4GWED4750YQ2, 4GWED4900YQ0, 4GWED4900YQ1, 4GWED4900YQ2, 4GWED4900YQ3, 4GWED4900YW0, 4GWED4900YW1, 4GWED4900YW2, 4KAED4475TQ0, 4KMED5700TQ0, 4KMED5700TQ1, 4KMED5900TW0, 4KMEDC405WQ0, 4KMEDC405WQ1, 4KNED5800TQ0, 4KNED5800TQ1, 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YLER5635JQ1, YLER5636PQ0, YLER8648PW0, YLEV4634JQ1, YMEDC465HW0, YRES7645KQ1, YREX3614KW1, YREX4634KQ0, YREX4634KQ1, YREX4634KQ2, YREX5634PQ0, YREX6634RQ0, YWED4850HW0, YWED7300DW2

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Data sheet

Product Feature
  • Multibrand: The heating element replacement replaces original manufacture parts such as Whirlpool kenmore amana maytag and other OEM
  • Quality: Our Products Are Made Following Strict Quality Procedures And Standards. We Strive On Our Clients Satisfaction
  • Quick Heating: The Coiled Wire On The Heating Element Receives And Resists A Controlled Electric Dryer Current, Which Al
  • Quick Replacement: To complete this repair you will only need a nut driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Remember to disconnect power before servicing the unit
  • Use: Heating Element is the source of heat of your electric dryer. Once electrified, will heat up controlled by temperature limit switch and fuse
  • Weight
    2.3 LBR
    0.29 FTQ

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