Are you planning to upgrade your AC before it fails?

Are you planning to upgrade your AC before it fails?

Do you need an inverter compressor on your new AC?


Here I will share some information that I found and test myself.

First of all, let me explain very quickly what is an Inverter compressor and its difference. The regular compressor turns on and off as requested by the thermostat base on the temperature that you had assigned to it. This means that you will hear the compressor located on the outdoor unit turning on/off as they reach the temperature requested which may bother you in the middle of the night if you are close to it, also every time that the compressor turns on it has a large peak of electrical consumption and It will be on a full capacity during more time to reach the temperature desire; which will consume electricity and on the other type, the inverter compressor it will also turn on/off but it will do it less frequent because the compressor module the speed allowing to consume less electricity but it will always keep the temperature desire and it will more comfortable inside the house and it will consume less electricity since it regulates the speed of the compressor to their need.

Also, you will find that the air conditioning equipment has some ratings on which it can guide you on the efficiency of the equipment; as higher is the efficiency, the less electricity will consume.

You will see rating as SEER y EER which is how the air conditioning equipment is rated.

For more information, you can check the official page of AHRI


Now that you know a little bit more about the differences between each type of system and what to considerer you can now make a good comparison to make your decision with the details of inside comfort, noise reduction, electrical consumption cost.


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