Do you need to change the air filter in your home or office?

Do you need to change the air filter in your home or office?

To make the correct change of your air filter for your air conditioner, you must familiarize yourself with two important things

1) Choose a washable or non-washable filter; non-washable ones can only be used once and must be replaced with a new one. Washable Air Filters can be reused.

2) Choose the correct MERV number, to obtain the correct protection according to the need we have

The Merv is the minimum efficiency value of the air filter and is used as the standard classification in the HVAC industry, which was designed by the ASHRAE association.

Air filters are classified according to their Merv from 1 to 20 and for residential equipment, they are normally used up to 16, the higher the Merv number, the greater the air filtration, and the better the efficiency.

 The different types of MERV capture particles between .30 microns to 10 microns, which remain in the filter and do not pass into the indoor air.

The correct selection of the air filter will help reduce allergies, illnesses, and other

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