Have  you asked yourself what Efficiency Rate should you buy your air conditioning system?

Have you asked yourself what Efficiency rate should you buy your air conditioning system?



The energy efficiency parameters for air conditioning units are:

SEER - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

EER - Energy Efficiency Ratio

IEER - Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio

We are not going to discuss each one of them, but we are going to say that the SEER only applies to air conditioning units up to 60 MBH, the ERR and IEER determine the energy efficiency for units above 60 MBH, the higher the value, the more efficient the equipment. The higher the efficiency value, the less electrical consumption which means less kilowatts (KW) report on your electrical bill.

There is no specific formula to convert IEER or EER to SEER values ​​or vice versa, because the measurement parameters and procedures are different and the results are neither measuring nor comparing the same thing. Although there are some rough conversion formulas, they are not 100 percent reliable.


Also, I would like to share that many electrical companies give rebate depending on the efficiency of new equipment installed, the US Government also provide a rebate depending on the efficiency of new equipment.

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