What are the functions of a start capacitor and a potential relay in Air Conditioning equipment?

Air conditioning units use a start capacitor and potential relay to help start the system compressor.


The start capacitor is a component that provides an extra boost of power to the compressor motor during start-up. This is necessary because the compressor motor needs a large amount of power to start the rotation and start compressing the refrigerant. The starting capacitor gives this motor a small extra amount of power to help it overcome initial resistance.


On the other hand, the potential relay is a switch that is responsible for activating the starting capacitor during compressor start-up and then disconnecting it after the motor has started. In this way, the start capacitor is not used continuously while the motor is running, which can damage the motor.


It is important to note that these components are critical to the proper functioning of the air conditioner. If the start capacitor or potential relay fails, the compressor may have difficulty starting movement, which may lead to failure of the air conditioning system.

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